Magic Potty training

Has potty training your baby become a big headache? It really doesn’t have to be. Nifty’s original Magic Potty training will train your toddler in a playful way. Every pee in the potty is rewarded with a picture, making potty training easy and fun.

The nicest way to get potty-trained
The training package consists of a cardboard booklet, 75 reward stickers, 2 Magic Stickers and a simple step-by-step plan. All in a sun-themed design.

How does it work?
Stick the Magic Sticker on the bottom of the potty. After every pee, a little sun will appear in the potty. If there’s sunshine in the potty, a sticker can be added to the accompanying booklet!

The paper used for the Magic Potty training is FSC certified.

You can download the step-by-step plan for the training here.

Price € 10,95

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