Nifty (previously known as Invented4Kids) creates and develops baby products that are always a little different, not least for their sustainability and outstanding quality.

Nifty wants to make life a bit easier for young parents. With baby products that are useful, safe and cute.


We do our very best to work as sustainably as possible. The Baby Shower Glove and the Handsfree Bath cape are made from organic cotton and produced in our own workshop in Turkey. The paper used for the Magic Potty Training is FSC certified and the different parts for this potty training are packed at Pantar, a sheltered workshop in Amsterdam. From this year all product packaging will be plastic-free.

Did you know…

The first product he brought onto the market was the ‘magic peesticker’. This is a sticker which changes colour if you aim at it while peeing, and thanks to this a whole generation of boys have learned to aim accurately in the loo. The same type of sticker is now being used with equal success in the Magic Potty toilet training.

Do you have the best baby idea?

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All of our products have won (international) awards. Indeed, Nifty was included in the Dutch SME Innovation Top 100 in 2018. This all makes us very proud of what we’re doing!

Nifty (formerly Invented 4 Kids) is a Dutch brand that now has a presence in 8 countries. The inventor Guus Welling founded the company in 2014.

Guus is the father of Evelien and Teun. He’s always ready to talk with anyone who has come up with a brilliant idea!